Warm Evenings Lend Themselves to Focused Meditation

Focused Meditation…

When nights are warm, I channel that soft energy and meditate on how to make my life better. I see the value in improving myself. I am pleased with my life, but I enjoy working to be even better.

Helping myself to be happy allows me to find ways to help others find their own joy and peace. I bring happiness to others.

Summer warmth is perfect for meditation. Challenges become opportunities when mulled over in the peaceful darkness.

I enjoy sitting in the quiet stillness and thinking about ways to improve my life. I set goals and dream dreams when it’s warm and comfortable outside. I put those goals and dreams into action in the light of day.

My meditation is easy, complete, and enjoyable. I use meditation to bring focus to my goals and plans. When I focus, I am able to see what I really want from my life. I take that vision and make it a reality through my actions. In doing this for myself, I see how to offer this joy to others.

Warm nights are great for meditating. I feel completely comfortable using meditation during the evenings. The noises of night creatures blend with my thoughts to create a beautiful symphony. This helps me to concentrate on what I want to do with my life and my time, in the present and in the future.

Today, I use the warmth of a summer night to bring peace and joy to my mind and heart.

Self Reflection Questions:

1. How can I get more joy out of my summer evenings?
2. What can I do to move deeper into meditation?
3. How can I bring the meditative joy I feel to other people?


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